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App review: Tooth Morphology

1 November 2013

App review: Tooth Morphology

Smile-on News reviews Tooth Morphology

Prateek Biyani, a dental student at the School of Clinical Dentistry, Sheffield, has developed a new app – Tooth Morphology.

Aimed at dental students in their early years of training, the app is described as ‘a quick, brief and easy to use resource for basic and crucial information regarding tooth morphology’.

The app has condensed, yet comprehensive, information about the formation of teeth – covering three key areas of each tooth: tooth development, morphology and distinguishing features.

To look at the morphology of a tooth, the tooth in the main image is tapped, and up comes the page of information. The tooth name, FDI numbers, number of roots, distinguishing features of the tooth, and how long it takes each part of the tooth to develop is detailed.

The app has been designed as an aid to learning, rather than a replacement to learning. It’s the same kind of information that can be found in a book – only brought into the 21st century. It allows quick easy access to the information – perfect for students’ study notes or for qualified dentists wanting to refresh their memory without getting an old textbook out.

The information displayed in the app is clear and concise, and the app itself is simple and easy to use. The images are of high quality and show all the surfaces of the tooth when selected.

This is the first version of the app and is currently only available for Android at £0.69, although an iOS version for iPhone is currently being developed.

Having only been released in August this year, it has already been named as one of’s top dental student apps, and plans to develop the app further are already in motion. Prateek says he wants to provide more detailed root morphology information, update the images for even better quality and detail, and provide a page of definitions for simpler understanding.

Sometimes simple really is best.

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