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Breaking down the myths of local anaesthesia in dentistry

7 February 2014

Breaking down the myths of local anaesthesia in dentistry

The Dentistry Show 2014 is back, with a whole host of educational opportunities ready to motivate and inspire the whole dental team, from dentists through to practice managers. Numerous exclusive lectures, hands-on workshops and practical theatres are sure to tantalise and excite.

Featuring world-class speakers such as Christian Coachman, Oliver Brix and Newton Fahl, every member of the dental team will find a lecture suited to their individual learning objectives. The various lectures on offer in the Hygienists & Therapists Symposium are no exception.

Taking centre stage on Friday 28th February 2014 is Chris Bell, Senior Lecturer and Associate Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Bristol. He will speak on ‘Concepts and Challenges with Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry’, and he hopes delegates attending will come away with a different view of the common misconceptions associated with local anaesthetics, as well as a deeper understanding of their applications.

He says: “My lecture will concentrate on several factors associated with local anaesthetic, such as how it affects patients taking into account their medical history, dose limitations, the types of local anaesthetic available on the market, potential allergies associated with local anaesthesia and new developments.

“I will also discuss with delegates the myths and mysteries surrounding local anaesthesia. Some products introduced to the market have attracted conflicting comments, which may be a source of confusion for clinicians. I will look into these comments, highlighting which have scientific evidence behind them and which don’t.”

This will be Chris’ first time lecturing at The Dentistry Show and he hopes to share his knowledge of local anaesthetics.

“I aim to increase hygienists and therapists’ level of confidence in selecting local anaesthetic for patients and provide them with a greater understanding of the pharmacological aspects of local anaesthesia. In addition I hope they will develop their understanding of potential allergy risks and their management, coupled with a clearer understanding of the recent controversies.

“I am completely open-minded as to what to expect at The Dentistry Show. I have heard it is very well organised and there is a huge variety of exhibitors and a wide range of information available. I am looking forward to attending.”

Chris lectures on a daily basis to dentists, hygienists and therapists at the University of Bristol and sees little difference between the professional fields. He feels hygienists and therapists have the most to gain from his lecture on anaesthetics.

“I feel hygienists and therapists are just so keen to learn. Without the full introduction to a dental degree and all the anatomy and biochemistry that accompanies it, hygienists and therapists often feel a little worried about giving local anaesthetic. I feel they are more influenced by the myths surrounding local anaesthetic than dentists. When I deal with hygienists and therapists on the clinical floor I can see that their choice of anaesthetic and their limitations are based on what I would call strict protocols and what they have been taught. In a world where they have been corralled into a way of thinking it is hard for them to break free. They acknowledge that perhaps their dental knowledge is not as broad as a dentist and therefore they ask for help and they ask for guidance more frequently. They think about everything they do, which makes them a great group of people to teach and work with.”

As a new feature to 2014, a panel of experts will debate the impact of Direct Access on hygienists and therapists as a conclusion to the inspiring lecture programme. Delegates will have the chance to make their opinions heard, ask any questions and share their thoughts in the open forum. Through this new platform, delegates should gain a greater understanding of the change in regulation and how it affects them.

Stepping outside of the Symposium, delegates can enjoy four brand new hands-on workshops, where they can sample new products and procedures for themselves and they can also access over 350 exhibitors on the trade floor, who will be showcasing the latest innovations in the industry.

Returning to the Show for 2014 will be an improved CORE CPD Theatre, where delegates can top up their vCPD. The Heart Your Smile party will also be held on Friday night with a vintage ‘Circ de Sourie’ theme, giving delegates an opportunity to relax and network while raising funds for a good cause.

The Dentistry Show 2014 takes place on Friday 28th February and Saturday 1st March at the NEC in Birmingham. Register now for free delegates’ passes for every member of the dental team, as this is one dental event that should not be missed.


For more information and to register for your free delegate passes please visit, call 020 7348 5269 or email

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