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Dental Mavericks carry out "life-saving" care in Morocco

6 May 2016

Dental Mavericks carry out "life-saving" care in Morocco

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Charity health group Dental Mavericks will be leaving the UK this month to improve the oral health and lives of children worst affected in the communities of Morocco.

 The group of dental professionals will be providing free treatment, advice and equipment as part of their Teeth For Life Programme that can help change the lives of those who have no access to dental care. This year they will be travelling out to the small town of Ansi situated in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains.

 Volunteer Dr Carl Taylor, principal dentist at Taylored Dental Care, is one of the many travelling to the African country this month to help make a difference.

 "I know there is a great need out there, and a lot of people and children live a long way away from dentists, as they cannot go into the towns and cities," he says.

"It's heartbreaking seeing children with swelled up faces that are so easy to treat but they are in so much pain."

Established in 2010 by dentists Tony and Cally Gedge, the charity strives to provide a sustainable health program for Moroccan children where medical intervention cannot be easily accessed.

Now in its fifth year, the charity has collaborated with the Eve Branson Foundation, mother of Sir Richard Branson, to work together and improve the lives of children in the Atlas Mountains.

The dental group aims to see around 20 children a day and co-founder Cally Gedge explains the work they do can be life-saving:

"They are going to a remote area in the mountains, where the children have no dental care.

"Some of the children there have developed septicaemia which usually starts as a toothache and is easily treated, but when it is left untreated it can be fatal.

"The work Carl and the other doctors will be carrying out is very important, because toothache can eventually kill you and we want to stop these easily preventable deaths."

More information on how to get involved or support the charity can be found at

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