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“I love making my patients cry”

17 April 2015

“I love making my patients cry”

Dr Jaswinder Gill is certainly flying the flag for dentistry being an all-encompassing healthcare experience. As well as operating the bread-and-butter dental treatments from his practices in Slough, Poole and Shinfield, his practices offer a range of services beyond that, including a smoking cessation clinic, an emergency walk in centre, seven-days a week pharmacy, Botox treatments and Dermal Filler treatments. Dr Gill is also a Six Month Smile Clinical Instructor and Mentor and it is this emphasis on short-term orthodontics that will be the main focus of his presentation at the eagerly awaited Clinical Innovations Conference 2015.

Six Month Smiles is all based on a very quick turnaround, according to Dr Gill. It employs the latest technology and techniques to adjust teeth quickly and safely with clear adult braces. Short-term orthodontics features quite a few companies offering quick results but Dr Gill is most impressed with the Six Month Smiles offering. He said: “It is available in around 40 countries, which is by quite a distance the largest offering. It is the biggest and the best.” Its simplistic approach, easy-to-learn methods and desirability for patients gives it a real edge as a treatment option.

Dr Gill believes that short-term orthodontics is focusing more towards anterior alignment in the future. Being the most visible when a person smiles means that aligning anterior teeth correctly is a patient’s main focus. Six Month Smiles can offer exactly that and, using innovative digital imagery, the patient can “see exactly what their smile will be like, even before they start their treatment.” They can also see similar cases where they will be shown a before and after picture to truly see the programme’s effectiveness and reassure them that the end result will be to their satisfaction.

His presentation at Clinical Innovations will not be his first, and Dr Gill is looking forward to attending again. “Last year was a really good experience,” he said. “We get to meet a lot of people and really showcase our product where people can interact and expand their knowledge.” This year, as well as his lecture on Six Month Smiles, Dr Gill will also be present over the course of the two days to answer questions about the treatment, talk people through its application and generally interact about all things dentistry.

When asked what most excited him about his work, Dr Gill was very honest and forthright. He said: “What makes me most excited is that I get to make a real difference. Seeing a patient overjoyed at the end of their treatment really makes it worthwhile, sometimes even a few tears of happiness are shed. What I love about my job is making patients cry!” He also stressed the importance of continuing on with education. He said: “If given the chance I would tell my younger self to engage in postgraduate education as soon as possible. Expanding your knowledge at an earlier stage puts you in a better position to excel later”

Dr Jaswinder Gill will be presenting a lecture entitled “Experience the Leading Ortho System for GDP’s” at Clinical Innovations Conference 2015.  

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