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Sirona hope to scale the heights for Make a Wish UK

12 June 2015

Sirona hope to scale the heights for Make a Wish UK

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Taking on the three biggest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland is certainly an arduous task. Together, Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis stand nearly 3,500 metres high. Even on their own the three peaks present a massive challenge. What Scott Chennells and his colleagues from Sirona will do on the 4th of July is a different matter entirely. The team from the dental product manufacturer will climb all three peaks in one day!

“We had a roundtable at Christmas, and were discussing something we could do as a team event,” Scott explains. “Something that would bring everyone together, as well as raising awareness of a fantastic charity. We wanted a real challenge – something that we’d all have to work towards and as a result settled on Three Peaks Challenge.” The gruelling, physical test of endurance will ultimately end up supporting a very good cause as Scott and his team are raising money for Make a Wish UK in the process. “They really are a fantastic charity. The work they do is amazing so this is just a way for us to give back,” Scott said.

Scott works as a CAD/CAM specialist for Sirona and his role involves supporting customers in the use of products which are a vital cog in the digital dentistry machine. He’ll be joined by colleagues from numerous departments across Sirona UK to tackle the Three Peaks Challenge and believes that they all have what it takes to complete the strenuous task before them.

Deciding to climb the highest peaks in the UK is not one to enter into lightly; it will require grit, strength and stamina. Training has started and the determined team are well underway with new fitness regimes and diets to ensure all will be ready to face the Three Peaks. Scott is already lucky to enough to have an added advantage. “I did it in my army days,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. It requires a lot of self-discipline. It is physically so demanding that you have to prepare yourself. I’ve been training for a while and everybody else has assured me that they have been too! Every one of us had a fitness plan designed for each individual so that we could all be in the best shape to take on the Three Peaks.”

Completing the challenge does not only put pressure on you physically, but mentally too. Determination really comes into play when it comes to the later stages of the challenges. Scott explained: “Everyone begins the challenge with bags of enthusiasm. 15 hours later and you’ve been climbing all that time, had little to no sleep as you drove from one mountain to the other, and see Snowdon in front of you when your energy is already sapped… that’s a challenge in itself - to keep going.”

At times like this, though, a sense of perspective is vital. “24 hours of pain is nothing,” Scott said. “Nothing compared to what these young people that we’re raising money for go through every day. To be able to do something that can be such a positive contribution to the lives of others is very rewarding. It makes reaching the top that bit sweeter.” To this end they will heavily promote the event on social media to raise awareness and to collect much needed funds for this worthwhile charity. Sirona are looking forward to making it possible for those children facing life-threatening conditions be granted a truly magical wish

And as for the team building that they’d wanted, Scott has no doubt that the experience will bring them all closer together. “There’s nothing like shared gruelling, torturous pain to bring people together,” he laughed.

We here at Smile-on News wish Scott and all of his colleagues the very best in the Three Peaks Challenge which they will take on July 4th this year. To find out more about Sirona and the work they do in the UK, please click here. To find out more about the excellent work done by Make a Wish UK in the lives of children fighting life-threatening illnesses, please click here. To contribute and support the Sirona team’s Three Peaks Challenge, please click here.

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