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The Clinical Innovations Awards 2015

26 June 2015

The Clinical Innovations Awards 2015

pictured: Les Jones recalling a witty anecdote for an amused Mash Seriki and a bemused Chris Barrow

Spectacularly overlooking Regent’s Canal, the Clinical Innovations Awards 2015 provided an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes of the last year. Showcasing some of the best new products in the industry, the Clinical Innovations Awards, sponsored by MyDentist, featured products that placed innovation at the heart of all of their solutions, ranging from the superbly practical to just plain brilliant. 

Acknowledging the sheer range of dental solutions currently available, as well as some of the latest innovations made with an eye on future technologies, it was an arduous task devising a shortlist of products worthy of the prestigious Clinical Innovations Award, now in its 4th year. As clinicians themselves, the esteemed panel of judges could accurately judge the products that would offer the opportunity to offer patients the highest standards of care and consideration.

The shortlist for the Award contained:

The judges had taken the shortlist and narrowed them down to just 3 in order of “commended”, “highly commended” and “winner”. Presented by Les Jones, the commended status was given to Synea Vision by W&H. The judges felt that Synea Vision excelled because of its innovative lighting design which allows dentists to have shadow free visibility whilst working. While the use of lighting within hand pieces is already common within the field, it was felt that this design marked a significant step up from the industry norm.

Highly Commended, presented by Chris Barrow, meanwhile, was awarded to SpotIT by Directa Dental. Its interproximal marking aid was deemed to offer dentists an easier and more practical method of assessing the contacts of restorations. As well as that, its potential to considerably assist dentists in providing well-fitting restorations and improve patient comfort after the procedure in its minimisation of food trapping was highlighted due to its simplicity of design and ease of use.

And, as a hush fell across the room, Mash Seriki, Chief Executive of Healthcare Learning, presented the Clinical Innovations Award 2015 to the Piksters forward and reverse focus tip brush by Erskine Dental. The judges chose to award the top prize to Piksters as it offers the patients the ability to significantly improve their day to day oral hygiene by manipulating the brush head based on their individual needs. This simple innovation in a product like Piksters reinforces something that cannot be emphasised to patients enough: Brush your teeth twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste with a manual brush is the best way to take care of your teeth. Piksters makes this process that bit easier to access and reinforces its positive message.

The innovation found within the latest and greatest dental products was not alone in being recognised at the Clinical Innovations Awards 2015. Dedicated and passionate individuals are just as vital as the tools we use to treat patients teeth and, with the Dental Nurses Certificate, outstanding commitment was recognised in participants from the Advanced Dental Nursing Apprenticeship. Presented by Tracy Rodgers, Qualification Manager for MyDentist, the winners were:

  • Keisha Ellis-Dale
  • Artesia Anderson
  • Phoebe Kennedy

The packed Battlebridge Room in King’s Place gave all the winners a huge round of applause but there was still one more announcement to be made at the Clinical Innovations Awards. Healthcare Learning was marking another successful Clinical Innovations Conference on its 15th anniversary of being at the forefront of engaging education and cutting-edge learning. Toasting its Chief Exec, Mash Seriki, and its founder, Noam Tamir, the Awards ceremony closed with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

As the curtain came down on the Clinical Innovations Awards 2015, it gave way to a fun-filled evening, complete with live band and DJ, networking and having fun with colleagues, as well as tasty food and drink in the stunning surroundings of Kings Place, London.

It may have only taken place a few weeks ago, but thoughts are already turning to next year’s Clinical Innovations Awards. Nothing stands still in dentistry and it is expected that next year’s Awards may well feature more of the exciting, fresh new products that have become synonymous with the event. It is certain that the continuous, rapid development of new technologies will certainly pave the way for the next advancements in dentistry. Taking care of our oral health may never be easy but, with the Clinical Innovations Award, we are able to recognise what helps to make it safer, more practical and more efficient. Everyone who attended Kings Place on the evening of Friday 12 June, certainly, left it with a smile. 

To read our full review of the Clinical Innovations Conference, please click here. Check out our Facebook, here, to see all the pictures from the #CIC2015 Photobooth and the presentation at the Clinical Innovations Awards. 

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