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Geraint Buse

Geraint Buse

Geraint Buse from Marquess Dental in Anglesey has been using Artisan Lifecycle Marketing from 7connections.

“Our main goal is to turn the leads generated by marketing into appointments with our TCO and then convert these into paid for appointments and treatments by the dentist.

“If you find that your current system simply replies to email enquiries, but are frustrated and concerned that there is then no follow up, or that your system couldn’t reengage with that person in months to come, then Artisan is something to consider. It is the final link in the loop of marketing to raise enquires but then dealing with those enquiries in a simple, staged approach, all automatically and using very little ‘working hours’.”

In new business enquiry conversation rates, Artisan has so far shown an average increase of 18 to 80%, simply with automated and time-effective direct marketing solutions.

Discover the benefits for yourself by attending one of the free Roadshow sessions from January to March 2015.

For more information or to book your free place on the Artisan

Roadshow, please visit

or call Phillippa on 01647 478145


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