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BDIA: Putting the dental industry first

BDIA: Putting the dental industry first

The BDIA is committed to ensuring the highest standards within the UK dental industry.  That’s why the BDIA is delighted to announce a number of initiatives designed to support and improve the quality of products and services for everyone in the dental industry, its customers and patients.

These initiatives will be among the many highlights at this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase taking place between 22-24 October, at the NEC in Birmingham.

The event is the biggest and best attended show in the dental calendar and features over 350 exhibitors.  This allows every member of the dental team to meet on-stand experts and get hands-on experience of the largest selection of equipment, technologies and services.  Along with the latest innovations, there is an extensive programme of CPD mini lectures, presentations and interactive demonstrations where you can discover the latest thinking in a wide range of subjects.

At the show, you’ll be able to find out about the BDIA’s latest initiatives and how these are helping to take the dental industry forward into the future, including:

Counterfeit and Substandard Instruments and Devices Initiative (CSIDI)

Increasing internet sales and the globalisation of dental manufacturing has provided an opportunity for unscrupulous operators.  Consequently, counterfeit, substandard and non-compliant dental devices are a growing problem within the UK dental sector.  Using such equipment not only puts your registration at risk, it places your patients, colleagues and practice at risk too.   The BDIA has responded by introducing the CSIDI.

The CSIDI is helping to raise awareness of the issue and prevent the risks associated with the problem of poor quality and even illegal dental products.  By working closely with the British Dental Association (BDA), the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF), the Tooth Whitening Information Group (TWIG), and across the dental profession, the BDIA aims to facilitate the reporting of those selling unacceptable and illegal products and promote responsible purchasing throughout the dental supply chain.  Every BDIA member adheres to a strict code of practice that means the products you buy from them are of guaranteed quality and provenance.  With so many BDIA member companies exhibiting, Dental Showcase is the ideal opportunity to find great deals on the highest quality products.

Mick Armstrong, Chair of the BDA Principal Executive Committee, fully supports the initiative, commenting, “The BDA encourages all dentists to source equipment from legitimate, reputable manufacturers and suppliers who can demonstrate that the necessary legal requirements are being met.  That will ensure both the quality of equipment purchased, and that dentists, their colleagues and patients are protected”.

To find out which suppliers are members of the BDIA and how they can help to protect your practice by providing the genuine, quality products and services, visit: or come and meet the team at the BDIA stand D145L.

BDIA Code of Practice for Dental CPD

Attaining the highest quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is vital for the dental profession and our patients.

The BDIA Code of Practice for Dental CPD has been developed to give assurances that providers of CPD are committed to using quality controls in line with the legal requirements set out by the General Dental Council (GDC).  CPD providers adhering to the Code commit to ensuring every element of their programmes and products meet these quality requirements.  This includes the way the products are designed, marketed and delivered to end users as well as other aspects such as appropriate documentation, aims and objectives, learning outcomes, quality control, and how feedback is monitored and actioned as part of an ongoing process of improvement.  

BDIA Executive Director, Tony Reed, speaking about the Code of Practice, said “Every member of dental team should expect the highest quality when planning their professional development.  The BDIA recognised that there is a significant need for a system to help ensure the quality of a wide range of CPD activities”.

The Code sets out what a user can expect from a verifiable CPD activity offered by a Code signatory and has been designed to be applicable to all types of CPD, including seminars, workshops, publications, online activities, exhibitions, conferences, training and workplace sessions, whether paid for or free of charge.

BDIA Dental Industry Manifesto

The dental industry is vital to the physical and economic health of the UK.  The dental products and equipment market is worth over £400 million annually and each year dentists undertake over 40 million courses of dental treatment.

To help ensure the highest quality oral health outcomes for patients and an efficient and sustainable future for the provision of dentistry in the UK, the industry believes that positive and focused support from Government is essential.  As representatives of manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, services and technologies, the BDIA has worked with industry bodies and organisations to formulate a Dental Industry Manifesto.  The main points and priorities of the Manifesto are:

  • Investing in the nation’s oral health through a preventative approach that helps earlier treatment and better patient outcomes
  • Protecting patients by supporting and investing in the MHRA
  • Building a better future including tax incentives, supporting UK exports and regulatory standards in the EU
  • Championing innovation with encouragement for a culture of innovation in the NHS and support for technical education
  • Nurturing a favourable business environment in which companies can prosper and grow

Simon Gambold, VP Northern Europe, of Henry Shein, said of the BDIA Manifesto. “It is important that the dental industry has a clear vision which can be conveyed to Government, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.  The Manifesto encapsulates how we can all help the industry thrive for the good of patients and the economy”.

Strategic partnership with the BDA

The BDIA has recently announced a new ‘Strategic Partnership’ with the British Dental Association (BDA).  The Partnership encourages mutual support and allows both organisations to work more closely together, and deliver better value to the industry and the profession through activities such as the BDA’s British Dental Conference and Exhibition and BDIA Dental Showcase. 

Talking about the new partnership, Tony Reed, BDIA Executive Director, said, “By working in partnership we can create better value for the members of both the BDIA and BDA.  Our two major dental events can together provide all that practices need to maintain an up to date understanding of developments in materials, equipment and techniques and a solution to their educational requirements in terms of clinical and business needs”. 

BDA Chief Executive, Peter Ward, commented, “This exciting new Strategic Partnership will benefit the whole dental community and will provide a higher level of engagement, from manufacturers and trade companies, right through to the dentists and their teams”.

Start planning your visit now

It is an exciting time for the dental industry and profession, and you can discover more at Dental Showcase about how the BDIA is helping to create a better environment to encourage growth, learning and quality.

With so much on offer at the show, why not start planning your visit now?  You can register for tickets, see a full list of exhibitors, the programme of lectures and demonstrations, and all the latest news at

There’s even an innovative new Dental Showcase app that helps you plan your visit and share your thoughts and comments whilst you’re there

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