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Positive, helpful and reliable support from 7connections

Positive, helpful and reliable support from 7connections

Geraint Buse, Principal Dentist of Marquess Dental in Wales, decided to enlist the support of Tim Caudrelier from 7connections as a non-executive director.

“Tim was always positive, helpful, reliable and a pleasure to speak to, and he provided accountability to make sure I made the changes we agreed upon.

“Only 4-5 months in, the changes are already visible. We have a clear accountancy structure with monthly, up-to-date KPIs, and we have enhanced the staffing structure with better defined roles and management protocols.

“I would advise practice owners who desire a more definitive business structure, who want to assess their business’ progress and who not only want a plan for future development but also to put that plan into action, to definitely get Tim and the 7connections team on board. The team is inventive and constantly developing new products that help you to keep evolving as a practice.

I would highly recommend Tim Caudrelier and the 7 connections team to all who would benefit from their help.”


For more information about 7connections, please call 01647 478145 or email or visit the brand new website

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