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Save £2000 on Heka Dental Treatment Units!

Save £2000 on Heka Dental Treatment Units!

Now available with up to 5 Years Warranty and with their exciting bespoke design options the only limit to your imagination, Heka Dental are offering a £2000 Discount off the normal price of their UNIC and UnicLine Treatment Centres at the BDIA Showcase, visit Stand G175 for details.

Available in a wide range of inspirational colours, Heka Dental’s bespoke UNIC Treatment Centres combine aesthetic beauty with state-of-the-art ergonomic efficiency. With their unique bespoke design capability, UNIC treatment centres can be built to individual specifications and are supplied with a fully comprehensive 12 month Warranty as standard plus an option for an extended 5 Year Spare Parts Warranty.

Take this recent installation, for example. With its dynamic colour scheme and layout it doesn’t look or feel like a Dental Practice at all. What is more, because of the novel way the treatment centres have been installed it enables the Clinicians to operate in the most relaxed and ergonomic way imaginable, whilst simultaneously allowing the easiest access possible to the patients. It features traditional delivery systems, but with the cuspidors sited on the left rather than the more conventional right, 12 o’clock suction and ceiling mounted operating lights.

Why not create something similar in your Practice?

For further information on the complete range of Heka Dental equipment contact Anglian Dental on 01763 849990, DB Dental on 01484 401015, Eclipse Dental on 01322 293333 or Global Dental on 0161 877 4239; visit their websites or Why wait!

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