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90% of hospital chiefs back sugar tax

3 November 2015

90% of hospital chiefs back sugar tax

9 out of 10 Chief Executives from acute NHS trusts across the country are in favour of the introduction of a sugar tax, according to ITV News.

Having contacted all of the country’s 155 acute NHS trusts, 41 Chief Executives agreed to speak on the issue. Of these, 37 said they supported the introduction of a sugar tax – a very strong 90%.

Calls are growing on the Government to introduce such a measure, despite the indication from No.10 that there no such tax would be introduced any time soon.

The number of trusts backing the measure is indicative of the high cost that sugar has on the nation’s health, with sugar diets playing a massive contributory factor to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay.

Dr Miranda Rosenthal, lead diabetes consultant at the Royal Free Hospital, London, said: “Diabetes isn’t a fair disease – some people who are overweight won’t develop it, other people who are overweight will. But if you are more overweight your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes goes up. If you consider two out of three adults in the UK are overweight or obese, that places a significant number of people at the risk of developing it.

“If the food available to you has a lot of sugar in it, that is going to make it very difficult for people to make the right choices. Everything we can do to support people making the right choices is going to help.”

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