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National Adult Oral Health Survey - honoraria for practices

13 December 2017

National Adult Oral Health Survey - honoraria for practices

Public Health England has confirmed that honoraria will be paid to all dental practices who agree to host its fieldwork teams for the 2017/18 Oral Health Survey of Adults attending General Dental Practices.

The survey, which will be completed by June 2018, will provide anonymised information about the dental health and needs of groups of adults in England, and will be used to help commission local services. It is anticipated to involve several thousand practices, which the organisers are selecting to approach in order to provide the most representative population samples locally and nationally. 

Patients in participating practices attending for an appointment with their dentist will be asked to volunteer an additional 20 minutes of their time to fill in a questionnaire and have a brief examination of their teeth by a visiting dentist from the survey team. Those attending for NHS treatment will also be asked if the survey team can collect some information from their treatment form.

All participating practices, whether NHS or private, will receive a payment of "no less than £185" to "recognise the minor inconvenience to the practice, the provision of an unused surgery and other facilities, and the assistance of the administrative team in production of details from consented patients' FP17s".

 Detailed information has been published which should enable practices to decide whether to host the researchers if approached by fieldwork teams, however FGDP(UK) has been involved in the planning process, is satisfied that the arrangements are appropriate, and is encouraging dental practices to participate in order maximise the quality of the data generated. Practices within the Oasis, myDentist and Rodericks groups are also being advised to support the survey.

The Faculty also understands that in most cases the honorarium paid will in fact be slightly higher than the stated minimum, at £196.50.

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