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BDA: GDC Chair 'oversimplifies' dental treatment

3 June 2014

BDA: GDC Chair 'oversimplifies' dental treatment

British Dental Association’s chief executive Peter Ward has said Bill Moyes’ comparison of patients’ dental treatment with shopping in Lidl or Waitrose is a ‘facile oversimplification’.

In a recent article in the Times, GDC Chair Bill Moyes was quoted as saying that he would be pleased if patient pressure produced in dentistry the ‘Lidl to Waitrose’ model with all the small retailers in the middle.

Peter Ward commented: “Good dentistry is actually about relationships, trust and confidence between dentists and their patients. Seeking to oversimplify this by comparing patient care to the price of baked beans and sun-dried tomatoes completely misses the point.

“That this view is apparently held by the chair of the body charged with protecting patients makes frightening reading. Patient care, clinical quality and safety are really important. Waitrose and Lidl don’t know about those things.” 

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