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BDIA Dental Showcase Stand Awards winners announced

14 November 2014

BDIA Dental Showcase Stand Awards winners announced

The British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) has announced the winners of the Stand Awards from BDIA Dental Showcase 2014.

The BDIA invited the Association of Event Organisers (AEO) to select this year’s winners, each of whom will receive a full-page advert in their choice of dental magazine. Lauren Edney of the AEO judged the stands on their presentation, professionalism, stand layout and appearance across three categories.

The Dental Directory was the winner of the large stand category. Lauren said: “The Dental Directory had great pro-active interaction with visitors and the stand was a hive of activity. There was a large number of staff, all of whom were friendly and professional, whilst explaining the company with considerable enthusiasm. The branding and stand layout was very inviting and welcoming. There were various elements to the stand, including displays which made it easy for people to view the offering and networking areas which were put to good use. It was clear everyone on the stand had a defined role and purpose.”

Philips won highly commended in the large stand category.

Out of the medium stands, Perfection Plus was the winner. Lauren said: “Perfection Plus had a highly eye-catching stand with great sensory marketing. The colours and uniforms of the staff were also very well-designed to represent the brand and this generated interest about the company. The staff were extremely friendly and engaging, whilst offering information and samples of their products to potential customers. It was clear that Perfection Plus had put a great deal of thought into the stand design and staff working on the day.”

Dental Design received the highly commended award.

Winner of the small stand/shell scheme category was Charles Russell. Lauren commented: “This was a very professionally presented, clutter-free stand with a clear message to exhibitors. The staff were very engaging and were offering visitors information by way of a 1 page flyer. They demonstrated great use of a smaller space.” Wisdom Toothbrushes came highly commended.



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