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BMA comments on public sector pay cap announcement

14 September 2017

BMA comments on public sector pay cap announcement

Responding to reports that the public sector pay cap is to be scrapped by the end of next year, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council chair, said:

“There is clearly growing support for public sector workers' message to the government: that the pay cap is unfair, unacceptable and must be lifted. Even the Prime Minister isn’t so sure that it is a good idea anymore.

“Doctors’ pay has sharply declined, falling by 22 per cent since 2005. Staff morale across the health service has been worsened by year on year real-term cuts to pay through the government’s public sector pay cap. The NHS is struggling to attract and retain doctors: a recent BMA survey has found that two-thirds of hospital doctors, and almost half of GPs, report vacancies in their departments and practices.

“With the NHS at breaking point investing in the NHS workforce and providing fair terms and conditions must be a priority for this Government, otherwise the NHS simply won’t be able to attract and keep the frontline staff needed to deliver safe, high-quality patient care.”





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