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Celebrating 50 years of dentistry

29 September 2017

Celebrating 50 years of dentistry

The BDA this week celebrated 50 years of being in its current home at Wimpole Street in London with an afternoon event, to record memories of dentists who were practising during the 1960s, organised by the BDA Museum.

The recorded memories will be added to the BDA Museum's oral history archive, to help keep a living history of dentistry alive for future generations.

The event was introduced by Mick Armstrong, BDA Principal Executive Committee Chair and Peter Dyer, BDA President. John Hunt, former BDA Secretary and former Chief Executive, gave his personal reflections on practising dentistry 50 years ago.

The event was attended by the BDA's Principal Executive Committee, the BDA's Chief Executive Peter Ward, and many distinguished luminaries of the profession from previous decades.

The BDA Museum has recreated a 1960s dental surgery in the Wimpole Street foyer, including a dental chair and equipment that would have been used during the period.

At the event, Honorary Museum Curator, Margaret Wilson and Stanley Gelbier, former Hon Museum Curator, and Maggie Crosswaite, dental nurse, re-enacted a scene from the time.

BDA Museum Head Rachel Bairsto Head, said:

"It was wonderful to welcome so many 'stars' of our profession and to capture their stories of what practising dentistry was like in previous decades. So much of dental history pre-the internet era is very difficult to unearth, and we are keen to ensure that we play our part in preserving the varied and rich history of dentistry, for generations to come."

A current display at the BDA is showcasing dentistry from the 1960s, including oral health promotion posters featuring the Beatles, the Kinks and the Animals, and a dental case from the period, amongst other objects.

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