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Crisps better for children’s teeth than raisins?

30 June 2017

Crisps better for children’s teeth than raisins?

Often called ‘nature’s candy’, raisins are a popular choice among parents as a healthy alternative to sugar-filled snacks and drinks. 

Dentists have said, however, that children are better off eating crisps as raisins have been shown to cause damage to teeth, The Times reports.

Eating raisins is fundamentally like ‘gluing sugar to the teeth’ because of their stickiness. 

Many parents believe raisins are a completely healthy option for their children, but this insight may change that.

Ben Atkins, a spokesman for the British Dental Association, told The Times that crisps were “totally fine” for teeth.  Ordinary crisps were better because some children’s brands had added sugar.

Nicole Sturzenbaum from Toothbeary commented that dried fruit snacks were a “nightmare”.

“These snacks have definitely contributed to the problem, in particular within the cohort of health-conscious parents who aim to provide their children with a healthy diet”

“All dried fruits, including muesli bars, are bad for teeth”

Decayed teeth is becoming more and more common in children aged five to nine, with it contributing to about 25,000 hospital admissions for extractions each year. 


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