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Crowdfunding project to spell end of dental drilling

22 July 2015

Crowdfunding project to spell end of dental drilling

King’s College London spin-out Reminova has launched a crowdfunding project to raise £1 million to bring its new patented technology to the market. They believe their new technology is revolutionary, and will mean the end for dental drilling, fillings and injected by repairing early age tooth decay in a pain-free way.

Tooth decay is such a massive problem, and affects that so many people, that this group want to provide their technology on as wide a scale as possible. On their funding page, they write: “We want to change the face of dentistry… with the right investment, patients could benefit within three years.”

They list three key reasons to invest which include: their revolutionary technology, the fact that it will combat the worldwide tooth decay problem, as well as being an opportunity to invest in humanity’s future.

Reminova holds or is applying for 17 patents and has the exclusive intellectual property licence to commercialise its technology worldwide.

Led by CEO Dr Jeff Wright and chairman Professor Nigel Pitts, its management team includes world leaders in tooth decay. There is no controlling shareholder group at Reminova or Venture Capital investment.

Dr Wright said: “Tooth decay strikes vulnerable groups hard: children; the elderly; those living in developing countries.

“Anaesthetic injections and the dentist’s drill cause fear, stress and pain. And put people off going to the dentist for a check-up.

“We can reverse the decay and rebuild the enamel. So you never get those horrible fillings and never have to face an injection. Dental drilling becomes a thing of the past. With our treatment you can top-up your natural teeth enamel whenever you need, just as you’d service your car when it needs a bit of loving care.”

To find our more info about the project, please click here:

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