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“Dentist of horror” goes on trial in France

10 March 2016

“Dentist of horror” goes on trial in France

A Dutchman referred to by the media as the “Dentist of Horror” has gone on trial in France after leaving over 100 patients with severe mouth injuries.  

Jacobus van Nierop, 51, has been charged with fraud and aggravated assault after removing healthy teeth from his patients and leaving dozens with broken jaws, abscesses and septicaemia.

The incidents took place in the remote French village Chateau-Chinon between 2008 and 2012.  

Mr van Nierop fled to Canada after his initial arrest in 2013, but was later tracked down and extradited back to France in 2014.

He now faces up to 10 years in prison and a €150,000 fine if found guilty.

Sylviane Boulesteix, 65, visited Mr van Nierop in March 2012 to have braces fitted: "He gave me seven or eight injections, and pulled out eight teeth in one go. I was gushing blood for three days," she told the AFP news agency.

Another victim, Bernard Hugon, 80, said the dentist left “pieces of flesh hanging everywhere” after tearing out a tooth.

"Every time, he would give us what he called 'a little prick' and we were asleep, knocked out," said Nicole Martin, a retired teacher who lost several teeth to abscesses caused by the horrific operations.

"When it was over, we would find a Post-it note saying to come back for an appointment the next day or the day after," she added.

Mr van Nierop has previously argued that he suffers from "psychological problems" including gender identity issues and suicidal tendencies.

The dentist has also been accused of defrauding patients and insurance companies. 


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