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Dentists receive new tool to combat enamel erosion

15 May 2017

Dentists receive new tool to combat enamel erosion

Teeth in this day and age are constantly under attack. While sugar has been considered to do the most harm to our pearly whites, a new concern has recently emerged with the increasing consumption of soft drinks and acidic foods that are sold to millions in supermarkets and corner shops throughout the country every day.

Around 54 per cent of young adults in the UK are estimated to have significant tooth wear, according to a recent study conducted at King’s College London, for this and other reasons. If left untreated, erosion can lead not only to weakened enamel but also to other negative symptoms, like yellowing, higher transparency and sensitivity.

After three years of development, Unilever launched a new premium oral health line last week exclusively designed for dental professionals that is claimed not only to halt ongoing enamel loss but also to reverse it. According to the company, the REGENERATE serum complements the toothpaste with the same name that is already available in high-street shops in the UK and other markets in Europe, the Middle East and South America. Used in combination, they form an effective clinical solution in the practice and at home to reverse the consequences of erosion, Unilever said.

The NR-5 technology in the serum and toothpaste is based on calcium silicate, which occurs naturally in limestone, and sodium phosphate, which combine to form hydroxyapatite. Lasting only 3 minutes, the treatment starts in the practice with an initial application of the REGENERATE serum by the dentist and this is followed by two applications over the next two days by the patient at home. Studies have confirmed that, through this three-day regimen once a month, the system was able to help recover 82 per cent of surface microhardness compared with standard fluoride toothpaste.

Brushing twice with the REGENERATE toothpaste additionally supports the rehardening of acid-affected enamel, the company said

In addition to patients with highly acidic diets, the system is recommended for patients who have lost enamel through erosion while undergoing specific clinical procedures such as tooth whitening or who have medical conditions that cause reduced salivary flow, for example. Since erosion is difficult to detect, Unilever said it provides aids for users to diagnose enamel loss in the early stages. This includes the Basic Erosive Wear Examination Assist Guide in order to determine a patient’s risk score for erosive wear, along with a number of patient education materials.

The REGENERATE Professional Advanced Enamel Serum for the three-day application comes as a complete kit containing the serum, an activator gel and two soft mouth trays. Monthly refill packages without the trays are also available from the company. In the UK, the system is exclusively available through CTS Dental Supplies in Redhill.


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