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European Oral Health Day coming this September

31 July 2015

European Oral Health Day coming this September

The Council of European Dentists (CED) eagerly anticipates European Oral Health Day, which this year falls on 12 September 2015.

The theme of this year’s European Oral Health Day is oral cancer and the CED hope to raise awareness of this dangerous form of cancer which can manifest on the lip, tongue and oral cavity.

It is the 10th most common cancer in Europe, with approximately 75,000 new cases diagnosed this year. The highly lethal and very aggressive disease is one of the most disfiguring of cancers, and often features highly atop the list of the most painful forms of cancer.

This year’s theme is a timely issue as incidence of new oral cancer cases is rising, due to an increase in exposure to risk factors such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, unhealthy lifestyles or infections.

However, it is ultimately a preventable disease and incidence can be reduced. Although often fatal when detected at an advanced stage, early diagnosis and detection highly increases rates of survival.

The European Oral Health Day presents a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and treatment of oral cancer and the important role dentists play in prevention, early diagnosing and treatment of patients with oral cancer across the EU.

For more information on this issue, please see: CED public event on oral cancer

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