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False complaints and regulation are big worries for dentists

30 July 2015

False complaints and regulation are big worries for dentists

A new study which examined the key concerns facing today’s dental practitioners has found that the overwhelming majority of dentists see false complaints, increased regulatory burdens and unrealistic expectations as the main issues facing them today.

The research was commission by Dentorum who indicated that the trends they found reflect a general trend towards a more litigious society.

More than three quarters (78%) of dentists are concerned about patients looking to falsely complain and seek legal or financial redress, with just under half (41%) saying that they are very concerned about this issue.

This may be linked to the 72% of dental professionals who say that they are concerned about the future costs of professional indemnity cover (30% are very concerned).

Over two thirds (68%) believe that the risk of false complaints is potentially exacerbated by patients having unrealistic expectations regarding the cost of private treatment.

The biggest consensus for dental professionals, at 85%, is their concern about regulatory changes putting additional costs burdens on their practice. 40% are said to be very concerned by this issue.

Finally two thirds of dental professionals don’t feel that trade bodies and associations are doing enough to support them.

Commenting on the results, Sarah Simpson, General Manager of Dentorum, said: “This research highlights some of the key concerns currently facing our profession. All too often, there is a tendency for individual practitioners to believe that they alone are worried about these issues, but we want to show that there are common themes across all practices.

“More importantly, we have set up Dentorum to provide a forum where issues can be discussed and best practice shared. There is a huge amount of valuable knowledge held by individuals, which if it was spread throughout the profession could be of immense benefit to both dentists and patients alike.”

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