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FGDP call for innovative policies to fight child tooth decay

21 July 2015

FGDP call for innovative policies to fight child tooth decay

The Faculty of General Dental Practice reacted to the SACN report on sugar by calling on innovative policies to make the 5% sugar intake levels a reality. They welcomed the report and look forward to seeing how it recommendations will be implemented by the government.

Dean of the FGDP (UK), Mick Horton, said: “The impact of sugar on tooth decay remains a major health concern in the UK. It is without doubt that a reduction in sugar intake to the level proposed by the SACN would have a major impact on reducing the development of dental caries in the population. We now call on the Government to work with Public Health England and other stakeholders to develop a robust and effective strategy to help support this goal.

“The profession, through general dental practice, delivers approximately 90% of dentistry carried out in the UK.  Working with other key organisations, general dental practice is best placed to deliver the necessary advice to encourage both parents and children to better understand how to look after their teeth, whilst receiving their dental assessment which is essential for both their oral and overall health.”

The FGDP would ideally see measures brought in to positively influence good oral health, even for parents expecting children, in order for effective habits to be introduced as early as possible. The group close their statement by urging the government to work with schools and the dental profession to include dental advice and prompts as part of existing child health check programmes. Also, they call on the government to support health visitors in providing information about dental caries and sugar consumption so that good dental care habits can begin from birth.


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