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GDC open consultation on registrants' “candour”

15 October 2015

GDC open consultation on registrants' “candour”

The GDC’s has introduced new draft guidance on the “candour” they expect from its registrants, i.e. being open and honest with patients when something goes wrong. They seek feedback from its draft guidance in open consultation, inviting those who want to have their say to do so here.

In their guidance, the GDC reflect that their position covers candour beyond the behaviour already set out in their Standards for the Dental Team. They say: “However, candour means being open and honest with all patients, whether they have made a complaint or not… All healthcare professionals have a duty of candour – a professional responsibility to be honest with patients when something goes wrong. This duty is set out in the Joint statement: The professional duty of candour which introduces this guidance and which is part of a joint statement from eight regulators of healthcare professionals in the UK.”

Crucially for professionals, this guidance also includes information concerning how the GDC’s professional conduct committee will view a perceived lack of candour in fitness to practise hearings. They write: “The PCC should… take very seriously a finding that a dental professional took deliberate steps to avoid being candid with a patient or to prevent someone else from being so.”

This consultation is open until Friday 18 December 2015.

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