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GDC spent over half a million on whistleblowing enquiry

8 April 2016

GDC spent over half a million on whistleblowing enquiry

The General Dental Council (GDC) spent over half a million on legal and staffing costs during the PSA whistleblowing enquiry, according to a Freedom of Information request from the British Dental Association (BDA). 

Additional costs included a £250,000 bill to leading PR firms for a variety of services, including prepping the chair and former Chief Executive for their meeting with the Health Select Committee in March 2015.

Mick Armstrong, Chair of the BDA said:

“Bill Moyes has again demonstrated he would rather spend registrants’ fees on firefighting than acknowledge any error on his part. This half million pound price tag for avoidable legal costs and tokenistic staffing changes is particularly galling, and flies in the face of stated commitments to openness and transparency with the PSA on whistleblowing. The GDC chair clearly wants this profession to believe he has clean hands – and this, it seems, is the cleaning bill.

The BDA has also published an open letter to the GDC, in response to GDC Chair Bill Moyes’s recent comment piece. Mick Armstrong highlighted a number of ‘misrepresentations’ on the whistleblowing report as well as ‘un-evidenced assertions’ about the rise of patient complaints.

“This profession wants nothing more than an effective and efficient regulator, but that journey will only begin when the GDC can show it is capable of confronting some hard truths. Sadly this recent article revealed its leadership is unwilling to even start down that road.”

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