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MDDUS urge Government to reform personal injury compensation

27 January 2020

MDDUS urge Government to reform personal injury compensation

Chris Kenny, CEO of MDDUS, has challenged the Government to stop “tiptoeing around reform” and overhaul the way personal injury compensation is awarded in England and Wales.

The BBC recently published figures obtained by a Freedom of Information request which they said showed the NHS faces paying out £4.3bn in legal fees to settle outstanding claims of clinical negligence.

Mr Kenny said: “There is ample evidence from the US and Australia that legal reform can protect doctors and hospitals from unjustified claims, whilst ensuring patients with legitimate grievances are compensated.

“It’s time that Government acted decisively on that evidence instead of tiptoeing around reform for fear of the legal lobby.

“We absolutely acknowledge that there must be reasonable compensation for patients harmed through clinical negligence, but this needs to be balanced by society’s ability to pay.

“Reform would ensure a fairer system all round, freeing up money to be spent on frontline care.”



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