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NHS launches national data opt-out campaign

30 May 2018

NHS launches national data opt-out campaign

NHS Digital has launched a new campaign in England to advise and inform patients about the use of their NHS data called ‘Your NHS data matters’

This campaign is aimed at informing the public on how data will be used for research or planning purposes, so they can make an informed choice. 

What do dentists need to do about the national data opt-out?

Although dentists are not currently required to do anything in terms of the national data opt-out, the BDA is advising dentists just to be aware of the campaign, so that they are able to advise and support patients. 

More information for health and care professionals is available from the NHS Digital website.

The BDA will be working with NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care to discuss how dentists might need to comply with the National Data opt-out at a later stage.

Patient posters and handout packs are being rolled out to GP practices, and other healthcare organisations will be receiving materials in due course.

Is the national opt-out different from the GDPR?

The national data opt-out sits alongside the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and it enables the NHS to be compliant with UK and EU law. 

In the past patients could register their choice to opt-out through their GP, but from 25 May all patients can directly opt-out online or use a non-digital route if preferred.

More background on how the national-opt out relates to GDPR please is available at NHS Digital's Pack G.


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