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New data support benefits of essential oil mouthrinses

10 March 2016

New data support benefits of essential oil mouthrinses

Image: Dr Roberto Labella, scientific engagement leader for EMEA reporting meta-analysis findings

A meta-analysis study from Johnson and Johnson, the makers of Listerine®, found that adjunctive use of essential oil mouthrinses increases plaque-free sites in the mouth by around seven times compared to brushing alone.

The study, published in the JADA, involved over 5,000 participants who had gingivitis. Response to therapy (either brushing and using EO mouthrinse or brushing alone) was scored on the number of healthy gingival sites identified after 6 months.

Commenting on the findings at a recent event hosted by Johnson and Johnson, Anthony Roberts, Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Cork University Dental School said: “When looking at plaque levels, Araujo and colleagues concluded that 36.9% of participants using an EO mouthrinse in addition to mechanical cleaning would have at least 50% of sites without plaque at 6 months.

“This is impressive, and is especially so when you consider only 5.5% using mechanical cleaning alone achieved a similar effect.

“As a consequence, clinicians who are managing patients with sub-optimal oral hygiene should consider recommending EO mouthrinses as an adjunctive treatment to help to reduce plaque levels, which may assist in the prevention of dental decay and gingivitis.”

You can find the full study here: 

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