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Oil and Gas UK advises offshore firms to ban e-cigarettes

1 July 2015

Oil and Gas UK advises offshore firms to ban e-cigarettes

Oil and Gas UK, the trade association of the offshore industry, has issued guidelines advising all firms to ban the use of e-cigarettes. Current measures permit workers to smoke in designated locations on these offshore installations but, in their 2015 health and safety report, the group recommend that e-cigarettes should be banned until they become medically regulated.

Citing the request for advice from employers across the industry, they also highlight the lack of evidence that they aid smoking cessation.

The report states: “The common argument for e-cigarettes is that they are an aid to smokers who wish to stop smoking. This is not supported by the only scientifically-led investigation to date of this concept which shows that e-cigarettes are not more effective than existing nicotine replacement therapies (gums, patches, etc.) in helping individuals to stop smoking.

“The advice recommends that the industry is consistent with well-established public health measures to reduce tobacco smoking and that unless, and until, they become medically regulated, e-cigarettes should not be permitted offshore. 

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