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Part of the council moving to Birmingham

22 November 2017

Part of the council moving to Birmingham

The Council has recently taken the decision to move some operational functions, involving roughly 90 roles, to Birmingham.

This will directly affect the GDC's Registration teams and some Operational Support services will also move. 

We constantly review our activities to ensure effective use and best value for money, including the management of our estates. Our staff are not all located within our headquarters at 37 Wimpole Street, and the conclusion was reached, based on probable central London costs, that the estate should be rationalised. It made sense to look beyond London with key considerations being the availability of relevant skills and the ability of staff to work and travel between each office location. Several possible locations were considered, with Birmingham faring best overall. 

We expect the move to Birmingham to begin at the end of 2018 and conclude in 2019. The GDC's headquarters will remain at our Wimpole Street office. 

The Dental Complaints Service will also move from Croydon into Wimpole Street as part of our aim to ensure effective use of our resources. This will happen in summer 2018.

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