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Resources to help support quitting smoking

14 March 2018

Resources to help support quitting smoking

Dentists are encouraged to take part in helping to promote No Smoking Day on Wednesday 14 March, and make use of some new free resources from Public Health England.

PHE resources include downloadable leaflets, posters and social media graphics, to use in your surgery and online. 

Smoking is the main avoidable risk factor for head and neck cancers, Cancer Research UK say it's linked to an estimated 65% of oral cancer cases, and an estimated 79% of laryngeal cancer cases in the UK. An estimated 91% of oral cancers in the UK are linked to lifestyle factors including smoking, alcohol (30%), and infections (13%).

PHE's guidance for dentists, Smokefree and smiling also provides information for dental teams on contributing to reducing rates of tobacco use and highlights the resources available to help


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