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Sleep Away Tooth Decay: A New Remedy?

12 April 2016

Sleep Away Tooth Decay: A New Remedy?

Researchers at Queen Mary University have developed an innovative toothpaste to sooth and repair tooth decay and sensitivity.

The toothpaste, named BioMinF by its creators, contains a key ingredient that restores the lost minerals from tooth decay and may offer a long term solution for the millions of people who suffer from dental issues.

Remineralising Formula

BioMinF works by slowly releasing calcium, phosphate, and ions as a person sleeps over an 8-12 hour period. As these minerals are released, fluorapatite is formed. This mineral helps prevent decay as it does not dissolve in the acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth.

So far, researchers have found it to be very beneficial in the treatment of tooth decay and sensitivity.

Chair of Dental Physical Sciences at Queen Mary University, and co-founder of BioMin Technologies, Professor Robert Hill says:

"It is also much more effective than conventional toothpastes where the active ingredients, such as soluble fluoride, are washed away and become ineffective less than two hours after brushing."

An affordable alternative

In addition, the breakthrough of this toothpaste will aid further advancements in the dental field due to its remineralising properties. Hill and his researchers are positive it can be integrated in cleaning and polishing pastes and pave the way for exciting developments in how tooth decay and sensitivity is treated and managed.

Already available at dental practices and online, BioMinF is expected to be in high street stores by the end of year. Its founders are hopeful that the toothpaste could be a long-term, accessible and affordable solution to such a common and aggravating complaint.



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