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Slogan contest on dangers of spit tobacco launched

2 July 2015

Slogan contest on dangers of spit tobacco launched

Oral Health America has announced the launch of its 14th annual slogan contest. To coincide with its annual National Spit Tobacco Program, the group are calling on creative minds aged 8-14 to come up with a compelling ten-word phrase that describes the dangers of spit tobacco.

According to the group, spit tobacco is used more frequently by young people with almost half (46%) of new users starting before they reach the age of 18. Spit tobacco is linked with chronic issues such as cancer of the mouth, throat, tongue, stomach and oesophagus, mouth lesions, receding gums, tooth decay and tooth loss.

OHA President and CEO, Beth Truett, said: “Every summer we give families across the country an opportunity to talk to their children about spit tobacco in an engaging way. All tobacco products are harmful and we look forward to reaching even more young people with this important message.”

For more information about the initiative and contest, please visit  

As the competition is only open to 8-14 year olds (this detail left the Smile-on News team very disappointed), please feel free to comment below (puns encouraged) with your ten-word phrase that would aid spit tobacco cessation. 

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