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The sun always shines on TV (and the GDC)

9 October 2015

The sun always shines on TV (and the GDC)

Hello readers and welcome to this week’s newsletter. While the above may be a reference to a certain 80’s song (cheesy 80’s pop tunes have a big place in this writer’s heart) it is also a thinly veiled reference to the week’s biggest news so bear with me.

Before we turn to news, we want to draw attention so something everyone at the Healthcare Learning team recently got involved in, and something we would urge any who can to take part themselves. As individuals, we can’t do much to help the refugee crisis that continues to persist across Europe. When we get together as a group, we can still make a difference (however small that may be). Check out the article below to see our modest attempt to make a difference to refugees in need.

And now to news! It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were bringing you the very advert on TV relating to your oral health. 60 years on, Denplan have now taken the plunge and will become the first and only payment plan provider to hit our TV screens. Honing in on our selfie-obsessed culture (although saying #doitforyourselfie aloud reminds this writer of a much more downbeat song than referenced in the title), we’ve been given a sneak peak and we can say it’s really quite good.

You can see for yourself during the Scotland vs. Samoa rugby game on ITV this Saturday. Whatever your take on it, it’s nevertheless another good example of good oral health messages reaching a wide audience and the first step towards prevention has to be public awareness through as many avenues as possible.

The sun may be shining on Denplan with their adverts but they aren’t the only ones basking in the rays of sunlight. The evergreen GDC this week announced their latest consultation on the Annual Retention Fee and it’s almost a symbolic moment following a year in which it managed to withstand numerous barrages (many of which appeared fatal) and come out relatively unscathed.

Their previous ARF increased was judged to be illegal, the Health Select Committee subjected their Chief Exec and Chair to an uncomfortable hearing, the Professional Standards Authority label it the worst regulator in the UK (no relegation zone in this league table!), their own committee labelled its manner of conducting FtP hearings “egregious”. Now it’s come full circle, and the GDC is still going about its business.

Many in the profession may still be incredibly dissatisfied but is the perceived enemy too strong in this case? Will the sun continue to shine on the GDC for some time to come?

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