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Survey finds 43% UK public want dental cosmetic treatment

16 January 2019

Survey finds 43% UK public want dental cosmetic treatment

Adults in the UK also show greater interest in facelifts (28%) compared to those in the US (16%). American adults are twice as likely (29%) to be considering nonsurgical fat reduction treatments than UK adults (14%).

Motivations for cosmetic treatments are very similar across both the US and the UK. Among adults in the UK who have had cosmetic treatments or are considering them in the next 12 months, the top motivation was/is to improve self-esteem and confidence (43%). Other motivations are to look as good as one feels (35%) and to help with weight loss or fat removal (26%).

Influential life events

Life events also influence UK adults to pursue cosmetic work with three in five (60%) of those who have had a cosmetic treatment or are considering one in the next 12 months reporting a life event influenced their decision. This is significantly greater among men (70%) than women (51%). The desire to appear youthful at work and/or starting a new job was the top cited event, with nearly one in four respondents (23%), followed by a milestone birthday (18%), upcoming vacation (14%), and starting dating or a new relationship (13%).

Men are nearly twice as likely (19%) as women (10%) to say an upcoming vacation influenced their decision to pursue cosmetic work. Men are also nearly three times more likely (14%) than women (5%) to say getting divorced or ending a relationship influenced their decision.

Barriers to treatment

Among UK adults who would ever consider a cosmetic treatment, the most cited concerns are fear of complications/bad results (53%) followed by paying for the procedure (48%). By comparison, the top concerns among US adults are paying for their procedure (52%) and fear of complications/bad results (48%).

Respondents from both countries cite teeth and midsection as the top body areas they want to change, but in different order. In the UK, teeth (35%) and midsection (34%) top the list whilst in the US, changes to the midsection (47%) leads followed by teeth (33%).

In both countries, women are significantly more likely than men to want to change their body in some way.


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