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Uni students urged to stop the blended drinks rot

23 September 2015

Uni students urged to stop the blended drinks rot

The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy has urged students to be aware of the damage that the current diet trend of blended food and drinks could be doing to their oral health.

Juiced and blended foods, while a quick fix for the busy uni student, are very high in sugars and acids.

As a record number of students return to university this year, BSDHT President Michaela O’Neill, had this important message for students to look after their diet this term: “Student diets have been a point of ridicule for decades and while the old stereotypes of students surviving on toast and noodles in pots may be long gone new food trends are having a potentially damaging effect on their teeth, one which they may not be particularly aware of.

“While blended food is convenient for students the old adage of a healthy body equalling a healthy mind is never more important than during university studies. When students take the time out to eat properly they can slow down, take a minute and approach whatever is in front of them in a calm way. They also don’t have to deal with the distraction, and potential expense, of painful and unhealthy teeth.

“The BSDHT want to raise awareness of all aspects of their diet and enable students to make their own decisions to put into place the necessary measures to avoid any major dental health problems.”

As a graduate whose diet tended more towards the stereotypical student one, this timely piece advice should be heeded by all students. 

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