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Warwick dental practice launches new schools initiative

13 October 2015

Warwick dental practice launches new schools initiative

A Warwick dental practice is offering free sessions for local schools and nurseries as part of a new scheme aimed at helping children learn how to take better care of their oral health, according to the Leamington Courier.

A&H Dental are calling on schools and nurseries to bring groups of children to the practice where trained staff will talk about healthy eating, good dental health and what to expect when they come to the dentist. Every child will also receive a dental goodie bag so they can keep up the good work when they get home.

Principal dentist Adam Precelton said: “It’s important to teach good dental health from a young age so it becomes a habit for life. Our nurses are passionate about taking our prevention ethos into schools and so far we have had a fantastic response with visits to around 200 local children already arranged.

“It is an exciting new project and we look forward to a bringing our TeethRex brushing puppet to a school near you soon.”

In light of the crisis of children’s teeth in the UK, initiatives like this are a welcome bonus in local communities to try and turn the tide of tooth decay.

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