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Whistleblowing survey launched

11 September 2018

Whistleblowing survey launched

The General Dental Council has published two separate reports on whistleblowing disclosures made to them by workers and its annual patient and public survey.

On April 1 2017 a new legal duty came into force which required all prescribed bodies to publish an annual report on the whistleblowing disclosures made to them by workers. The General Dental Council has chosen to publish a joint report highlighting their coordinated effort to work together in handling serious issues raised with them. The report shows how disclosures were handled and what action was taken. 

The report states that from 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 the General Dental Council received 61 whistleblowing disclosures. Of these, 47 resulted in regulatory action being taken, 7 closed with no action taken, 3 were onward referred to a different body, and in 4 cases there was not enough information to proceeed.

The report can be read here.

The Patient and Public Survey 2017: Focus on access and contribution to public health is  carried out each year with a representative sample of patients and the public drawn from across the UK. The survey provides evidence about attitudes and opinions about dental care and the regulation of dentistry.

Amongst other findings, the survey found that seven in ten (69%) had visited a dentist in the last year, and 2% said they have never been to a dentist.

The report can be read here.



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