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Woman’s life changed after losing all of her teeth

23 July 2015

Woman’s life changed after losing all of her teeth

image credit: Alison Divers/Channel 5

A former army private is finally able to smile again, after a bizarre incident while on duty in Germany. After visiting the dentist due to a cracked tooth, Alison Divers was put under anaesthetic and woke up to find that all of her teeth had been removed and were left in a bag hanging above her head.

On Channel 5’s Botched Bodies programme, she said: “I was so angry, I couldn’t focus properly. I was numb and tried to ask him why he’d taken all my teeth out… I spent the whole of the night crying. I couldn’t go out of the house. I think I must have cried for about a month… They weren't rotten or anything, he'd actually forced them out. They had to cut my gums to get some of them out.”

A visit to a Harley Street clinic revealed that, though far from straightforward, there was just enough bone left to put in implants. The eight hour operation has since changed her life as her new dental implants have allowed her to smile again. She said: “'I don't have to cover my mouth now when I'm talking to anybody. I can walk down the road and be smiling and enjoying it and not have to worry about them.

“Having this done has changed my confidence. I used to always look down when I was walking around but now my head's high and smiling and joking.

“Before I had this done I would never my picture taken and I can do it now.”

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