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Dentists respond to new report on care for over-65s

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  1. BDA: Act now on oral health of care home residents

    The BDA has called on ministers, health commissioners and cares to act on conclusions from a new Healthwatch report

  2. BDA attacks freeze on FD trainers' pay

    The BDA has expressed its concern that the freeze on service costs to Foundation Dentists' educational supervisors has continued once again.

  3. GDC backs statement issuing advice on conflicts of interest

    The GDC has joined 8 other regulators in signing a joint statement following the NHS' publication of guidance on how to manage conflicts of interest.

  4. Welsh Government accused of “Creative accounting” by BDA

    Money pledged to expand dental services in Wales represents just 1/4 of the sum taken out of dental budget each year, says BDA.




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