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FGDP(UK) publishes guidance on dementia-friendly dentistry

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  1. DDU advises to be clear about NHS fee exemption rules

    The Dental Defence Union (DDU) is warning dental professionals to ensure patients have read and understood the rules about NHS fee exemptions

  2. The GDC publishes support materials for Enhanced CPD

    The GDC has published a series of guidance documents for dental professionals and CPD providers, ahead of the launch of enhanced CPD next year

  3. Health and social care system at full stretch

    Health and social care is struggling to meet the increasingly complex needs of the population, this year’s State of Care report, published by the CQC

  4. ARF remains symbol of GDCs failure to focus on needed reform

    The BDA has challenged the GDC to explain its failure to reduce registration fees levels for 2018




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