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Back on Track: The Rise of Adult Braces

7 July 2016

Back on Track: The Rise of Adult Braces

Cosmetic dentistry statistics are rising across the board and in recent years, the number of clear brace patients has risen by 177%! The figures are showing that adult braces are more popular than ever, but why now?

Celebrity culture has boosted the number of dental patients who are opting for adult braces. Haven’t seen any of your favourite celebrities with traditional train track braces? They have invisible aligners to thank for that!

Hollywood stars like Zac Efron and Eva Longoria have worn adult braces and popularised the trend. Considering teeth straightening? Find out more about how invisible braces can improve your confidence and correct the shape of your teeth.

How Can Adult Braces Fit in with Your Lifestyle?

Braces are no longer just for teenagers as the statistics for adult braces are rising. It is not uncommon now for professionals to invest in their smile, giving them an overall cleaner looking mouth. Having a sleeker smile boosts confidence and can make some people much happier with their appearance.  

Invisalign braces are just one brand of adult braces who have researched the facts behind adult braces. Figures show that a small, 35% of adults have well-aligned teeth! Invisalign can straighten teeth by correcting a number of bite problems: crowding, spacing, over bites, under bites and deep bites.

This source was taken from Invisalign Glasgow Provider, Berkeley Clinic.

Visiting an orthodontist may be one of the last things on your priority list. In most cases adult brace wearers have always wanted teeth straightening but did not want to commit to an upkeep of traditional “train track” style wires.  It is recommended that Invisalign aligners are worn 22 hours a day, therefore the user has space to take them out when eating or drinking.

Invisalign is a great option for adults - professionals will love the invisible style of this brace as they can even be removed for meeting and appointments. Whatever your lifestyle involves, clear braces can make a difference to the way you and other see you!

Have A Happier Healthier Mouth and Mind 

There's probably a number of reason why you are considering clear braces. Have your uneven teeth always played on the back of your mind? By investing in clear braces you will feel better about yourself in a matter of months.

Studies have shown that a more attractive and confident appearance and smile will benefit the individual and they may receive more job opportunities, proving that your smile is a reflection of you.

Not only will braces make you feel better about your appearance another reason to get your teeth straightened is that it may improve your health and allow you to live longer. Dental studies have proven that people who floss daily will live an extra 7 years longer. Having straighter teeth will allow flossing to be more accessible as it can be difficult if your teeth are crooked and crowded.

The Celebrity Brace Trend

Invisalign clear braces have a list of celebrity alumni that have used their braces to straighten the appearance of their teeth. The great thing about clear braces is that they are appropriate for all ages, no matter what condition your teeth are in.

  • Tom Cruise
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Oprah
  • Justin Bieber
  • Serena Williams
  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Zac Efron

All of the celebrities listed above have one thing in common, they have all worn Invisalign braces to change the shape of their teeth.  The great things about these braces are that in many cases people as close as friends and family may not notice when you are wearing the aligners and this is why celebrities love them!

Justin Bieber chose to wear clear braces as he was just on the rise of fame and preferred not to spend time getting wires fitted and tightened. Instead, he turned to a clear brace option that was faster and more discreet. Like many Justin suffered from an oral problem which many are self-conscious about, crowding. Crowding occurs when teeth begin to overlap and this may cause some discomfort.

High School Musical star, Zac Efron graduated from the film with a fresh set of straight teeth.  Zac had the opposite problem from Justin and suffered from a diastema (which can be a gap between incisors or molars). Considering this treatment is endorsed by celebrities it is still reasonably well priced. With clear braces, it can be possible for you to walk away with a straighter, happier smile too!

What Other Options Are Out There?

Invisalign treatment can be spread out over as little as 6 months and it is a wonderful option for those looking to adjust the shape of their whole mouth. This system is just one of many adult brace treatments that can be fitted by an orthodontist. The Inman Aligner system also has a removable appliance that can correct crowding at the of the front of your mouth in just 6 weeks!

The results from adult braces are just amazing and unlike traditional train tracks, they have lots of benefits. Being able to take your braces out for meetings or social events, puts you in charge of your dental care.

Before going ahead with any dental treatment it is recommended that you discuss your options with a dentist or orthodontist. Each orthodontic or dental surgery may provide a different adult brace so be sure to do your research before going ahead with the procedure. 



Suzanne Vallance from Glasgow, Scotland currently works for The award winning practice is known for being one of the most technologically advanced dental centres for cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Scotland and UK.

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