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Nicorinse: the mouthwash that helps smokers quit

27 February 2015

Nicorinse: the mouthwash that helps smokers quit

Angharad Jones looks at Nicorinse, a smoking cessation aid that comes in the form of a mouthwash

A new smoking cessation aid is on the market, and it doesn’t involve charging up electronic devices or sticking patches on your body, but rinsing your mouth out. Nicorinse is the world’s first smoking cessation mouthwash, developed for smokers by practising dentist John Nesbitt and renowned biochemist from the tobacco industry, William Farone.

Created in North America, the mouthwash was designed to improve smokers’ oral health by actively reducing the presence of nicotine and other damaging chemicals left in the soft tissues of the mouth after smoking, as well as help with bad breath and nicotine staining on the teeth. Dr Nesbitt said he created the product because he wanted to give smokers a product that reduced the risks associated with the common health and well-being concerns that his patients had, without the need for them to immediately stop smoking.

What the creators weren’t expecting, however, was for customers to come back and say that as well as the mouthwash improving their oral health, it actually helped them cut down smoking and some stopped smoking altogether. The mouthwash is now used as a smoking cessation aid, as well as a mouthwash to improve general hygiene and oral health.

Nicorinse has been found to reduce cravings for the next cigarette; help reduce yellowing of the teeth; completely eliminate smokers’ breath; actively reduce the levels of nicotine and other harsh chemicals in the soft tissues of the mouth, nose and throat; reduce instances of gingivitis and dry mouth; and improve general health by inhibiting the transit of harmful chemicals into the body.

Following the success of Nicorinse in North America, it has now been brought over to Europe and after going through the various safety and compliance assessments required by legislation, it’s now ready to sell in the UK, just in time for this year's No Smoking Day on March 11. I spoke to Mike Hensman, Managing Director of Nicorinse, about the product.

Mike says: “To get the maximum impact from the product, users wash their mouth with it before they smoke. It coats the inside of the mouth and prevents all the toxic chemicals in the cigarette getting into the soft tissues of the mouth. The nicotine doesn’t get into the soft tissue of the mouth either, which makes them not want a cigarette soon after finishing one. If they also rinse after a cigarette, the toxins that are normally ingested into the body are also washed away. It dramatically reduces the amount of nicotine and bad elements of the tobacco smoke getting into the blood stream, and helps people manage the intensity of wanting to smoke again rapidly after.

“The benefit of Nicorinse is even if smokers don’t quit, they get a significant health advantage out of using it because all of the bad chemicals and nicotine aren’t absorbed into the body in the way that they are without using it. Nicorinse demonstrably improves oral health and it could help you quit smoking too.”

Mike says Nicorinse could be useful for those who don’t necessarily want to quit smoking, but don’t want the harmful oral side effects that come with it, either. “Even if people don’t want to stop smoking, it still helps them improve their general hygiene and oral health because the toxins don’t get into the body.”

It can also help those who need to quit temporarily. “From an operational point of view, a lot of implantologists won’t do implant surgery on people that are still smoking, because smoking will aggravate the open wounds of implants and slow down the healing process,” says Mike. “A lot of them [implantologists] say you have to stop smoking before getting the implant. This is a tool in the medical cycle for helping patients get off cigarettes while they have the operation and during the healing process. If they then want to get back to smoking, that’s their choice.”

The feedback from users has been positive, with many saying that it improved their periodontal health, as well as improving bad breath and nicotine staining on the teeth. One user who has been a smoker for 25 years said she had tried many types of smoking cessation aids, but to no avail. When she tried Nicorinse, she said it eliminated smokers’ breath and found that she was cutting down on cigarettes almost immediately.

As well as customer testimonials singing its praises, tests have shown that when used as recommended, Nicorinse can be up to five times more effective at removing nicotine and other tobacco residue from the oral cavity.

Further tests have also shown that Nicorinse is able to provide significant periodontal benefits including reduced plaque, less bleeding of gums, and improved pocket depth. One patient, for example, found that after six months of using the mouthwash, pocket depth had reduced by 40 per cent, plaque reduced by 61 per cent, and bleeding reduced by 60 per cent.

Nicorinse is completely nicotine-free, unlike other smoking cessation aids, and reduces nicotine levels in the body with no side effects. It is also 100 per cent alcohol-free and aspartame-free.

For more information about Nicorinse, visit  or call MIKE 07836 731333


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